Thursday, 19 September 2013

DIY: Artwork On Newspaper/Old Text Book Pages

We generally sell away our newspaper and used books, so why not use them to do something creative.
Here are some tips to utilize the old to many some beautiful artworks.

Things I have used to create the different types of drawings:
1. Newspaper/Used text book paper
2. Black Gel pen
3. Camlin Watercolors Prussian Blue and Ivory Black
4. Paint brushes (No. 5,9,12)
5. Color Palette
6. Water in a bowl

In the below drawing I have only used the black gel pen to draw the lady on a old text book page.

The next art I have done, using watercolors Prussian Blue and Ivory Black. In black I have mixed blue to give it a little lighter shade bluish black mix, black with a tint of blue.

In the process of completion,

This is the final drawing with little patchwork to make it look torn and soiled paper.

So what do you do with your old newspaper and old text books? If you are planning to throw, then try doing these its nice and creative, and u can frame and display it.
Let me know how helpful did u find this article. And tell me what creative things did you try out in the comments section below.


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